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Analytics with Excel and ARQUERY


Oracle OLAP to Excel

We offer PivotTable support for Oracle OLAP through seamless integration with Excel.

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Data analysis gives you a powerful advantage in the business industry. Microsoft Excel is a user friendly environment that has numerous advanced functions which makes the analysis process easy and intuitive.

Excel PivotTable is a full Business Intelligence client application capable to analyze multidimensional data, create reports and pivot charts. It helps users visualize and understand better their data. Excel can bring data in real time, and users can interrogate and analyze "the same version of the truth" (users see the same data, and receive changes made to the analyzed data in real time).

Using Excel PivotTables and Arquery Oracle OLAP to Excel you can make the most of your company's Oracle OLAP data warehouse. You can discover the insights hidden in your data, or make simple reports.

Excel PivotTable can be used to aggregate data or to drill down to small details. It also can be used to filter the data. For more details on how to make the most of PivotTable features read the following document:

Analytics with Excel and ARQUERY


Arquery starts the public beta cycle for the Oracle OLAP to Excel connector
The Oracle OLAP to Excel connector brings real-time data from Oracle OLAP in Excel. It is designed to bridge the gap between the ubiquitous Business Intelligence tool from Microsoft and the word leading database system from Oracle. By implementing public standards both systems work together and the connection is completely transparent.
Oracle OLAP 11g brings high-performance data warehouse features to Oracle Database 11g.
An option of Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition, Oracle OLAP 11g is a full-featured online analytical processing engine. Because Oracle OLAP 11g is embedded in Oracle Database, it benefits from database scalability, security, and manageability features.
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