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XMLA connector in Beta cycle

Our XMLA connector is in public beta now. And Open Source.


XMLA Connector

Connects clients like Excel to any/all your XMLA enabled data warehouse (Jedox, SAP, Mondrian).

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XMLA Connector

The XMLA Connector from Arquery provides seamless data connectivity between OLEDB for OLAP (ODBO) clients and XMLA data sources. The connector is designed to interface with XMLA compliant data sources such as SAP, Mondrian, Jedox as well as other data sources.

The connector is ODBO compliant and, as such, it loads seamlessly into ODBO clients. This enables Excel (for example) to connect to the data sources enumerated before.

One obvious advantage of using this technology is bringing the powerful pivot table technology of Excel to XMLA warehouses. As such, a user of the connector has a commodity BI tool at fingertips with the corresponding advantages in knowledge reutilization and price.

Serious consideration was paid during the design of this connector to speed and memory consumption optimization. A MDX query can result in a rather large quantity of information and the system was designed with this in mind. As a result the system is fast and robust, with low memory requirements.

The connector exposes the IMDDataset interface for classical connectivity. This interface allows axis retrieval and sequential access to data. In addition, bulk access to data is provided through IMDRangeRowset implementation. This allows writing more effective clients that are ultimately faster.

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