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Oracle OLAP to Excel

Oracle OLAP to Excel connector early adoption program


Oracle OLAP to Excel

ARQUERY for Oracle OLAP offers PivotTable support for Oracle OLAP data through seamless integration with Excel.

"Using the Arquery OLAP Server for at least a year. It was a great experience thanks to the availability of the development team Arquery and the attention paid to the demands of the end user. Despite the complexity of the domain the application performance and functionality offered by the product are constantly improved."

"We've worked closely with Arquery's support team ahead of the launch of this feature and been incredibly impressed with their responsiveness in turning around enhancements and optimizations. The combination of Arquery's technology, and the flexibility of the open source licensing model, has come together to make this both a successful product enhancement and a very painless one to bring into production."


Arquery starts the public beta cycle for the Oracle OLAP to Excel connector
The Oracle OLAP to Excel connector brings real-time data from Oracle OLAP in Excel. It is designed to bridge the gap between the ubiquitous Business Intelligence tool from Microsoft and the word leading database system from Oracle. By implementing public standards both systems work together and the connection is completely transparent.
Oracle OLAP 11g brings high-performance data warehouse features to Oracle Database 11g.
An option of Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition, Oracle OLAP 11g is a full-featured online analytical processing engine. Because Oracle OLAP 11g is embedded in Oracle Database, it benefits from database scalability, security, and manageability features.
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