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Oracle OLAP to Excel

Oracle OLAP to Excel connector early adoption program


Oracle OLAP to Excel

ARQUERY for Oracle OLAP offers PivotTable support for Oracle OLAP data through seamless integration with Excel.



Object Linking and Embedding Database (OLEDB) is an API designed by Microsoft to expose data that is stored in a non-relational database. The API provides a set of Component Object Model (COM) interfaces as means to access data. The OLE DB API provide applications with “uniform access to data stored in diverse information sources.” read more


Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a software tool that provides analysis of data stored in a multidimensional database. Multidimensional data is defined as ”a variation of the relational mode that uses multidimensional structures to organize data and express the relationships between data”.( O'Brien & Marakas, 2009, pg 177) read more


Object Linking and Embedding, Database for Online Analytical Processing is an industry standard for multi-dimensional data processing, introduced by Microsoft. ODBO was specifically designed for OLAP systems as an extension to OLE DB. ODBO uses MDX as a means to access and manipulate data stored in multidimensional structures. read more


Multidimensional Expression (MDX) is a language used to manipulate multidimensional data. It was introduced by Microsoft as part of the OLE DB for OLAP specification in 1997. MDX is to multidimensional data what SQL is to relational data. MDX has been adopted by a wide majority of OLAP vendors and has become the standard for OLAP systems. read more


Extensible Markup Language for Analysis (XMLA) is an industry SOAP-based XML protocol designed for data access to any standard multidimensional data source that can be accessed over a HTTP connection. In April 2000, Microsoft proposed XMLA as being the successor of OLE DB for OLAP. XMLA in maintained by the XMLA Council. The council was formed in September 2001. Microsoft, Hyperion and SAS are the official founding members. More information on XMLA can be found at Microsoft.


Arquery starts the public beta cycle for the Oracle OLAP to Excel connector
The Oracle OLAP to Excel connector brings real-time data from Oracle OLAP in Excel. It is designed to bridge the gap between the ubiquitous Business Intelligence tool from Microsoft and the word leading database system from Oracle. By implementing public standards both systems work together and the connection is completely transparent.
Oracle OLAP 11g brings high-performance data warehouse features to Oracle Database 11g.
An option of Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition, Oracle OLAP 11g is a full-featured online analytical processing engine. Because Oracle OLAP 11g is embedded in Oracle Database, it benefits from database scalability, security, and manageability features.
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